What Is a Thermal Fire Detector?

fire detection cameraIn recent times, advanced fire detection systems such as fire cameras and thermal fire detectors are gradually replacing older, less reliable fire detection systems in many places.

Fire cameras can now reliably detect fires in many industries – the aerospace industry is only one of them. What is it that sets thermal fire detectors apart from other fire detection systems?

What Is a Thermal Fire Detector?

A thermal fire detector such as a digital fire camera is an advanced systems that combines a camera and software for video analysis. Differently spoken, such a system can visually detect fire smoke from a video feed.

Compared to smoke detectors, thermal fire detectors have several considerable advantages. Unlike smoke detectors, thermal fire detectors can work outdoors which makes them suitable for industrial areas, including but not limited to hangers, factories, airfields and many more.

Likewise,  they do not rely on needing to be positioned in the close proximity of a potential fire since they can spot a fire even from a distance. A typical use for a thermal fire detector could be that a single fire detection camera can overview an entire factory complex or an airfield. In case of a fire, the system can notify responders immediately only seconds upon detection of a fire. What’s more, modern fire detectors can provide the respondents with GPS coordinates fire so that these can reach location in the shortest possible time.

In particular for industrial fire safety, but also for residential users, isn’t too difficult to install these new systems. They can easily be integrated in any existing CCTV camera system. Once in place, thermal fire detectors work reliably and automatically and do not need any type of maintenance.